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Communities across the country are
struggling to address critical needs to:

  • Build new schools
  • Renovate existing schools
  • Make up for years of deferred maintenance
  • Accommodate rising student enrollments
  • Reduce class size
  • Make sure schools are accessible to all students
  • Equip schools for the 21st century.
school exterior

E-Schools Modernization with Close-out

Project Description: This project includes completing the ADA accessibility in two restrooms at Echo Valley Elementary School and the installation of ADA accessible ramps and stairways for three elevations throughout the campus. Additional site work will be completed as well.
This project also includes completing the ADA accessibility issues in two restrooms at Elkhorn Elementary School. Project Total: $ 2M

Here are some resources to give you more information
about this national issue:

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US Department of Education

Impact of Inadequate School Facilities on Student Learning http://www2.ed.gov/offices/OESE/archives/inits/construction/impact2.html

California Department of Education

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Californians for School Facilities

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Parade Magazine

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An introduction to the Issues
By John B. Lyons


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